Korean 시,씨 vs. shine, see, she and food pictures.

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All of these are posted with permission and I asked before taking any of the voices/pictures.Thank you to all owners of said things though you asked to remain anonymous…

Note: the 시 씨 are emphasized a little in the example.

So if you are proficient you should be able to say the Konglish:

See Shelly-씨… she shined a single shingle at 세시. without missing any of the sounds.

This is an example of ㅅ and ㅆ

American Califorian saying she, shingle, single shine she: (Was volunteered for the job)

Also male… requests for more samples available.


Korean version of “Small food”. ’cause there is a large… to give you an idea of why this is ridiculous:

That bone is in the
“small” portion. You are not starving. though I think women would have a hard time eating this dish.


Kimchi tofu and mackerel as part of a Kimchi hotpot. (Hotpots are famous in the Jeolla region, as I understand, especially in winter.

Soondae Gook:

Blood sausage in soup… the only thing about this one was there was other things that came in the soup, such as parts of liver, fat trimmings intestine, etc. This isn’t always the case… but even the native Korean next to me took those things out.

We also talked about how it’s impossible to be vegetarian in Korea, or at least really, really difficult unless you know what is where. Also gay clubs and city rivalries. Ahh… so worth it. Anyway, I hope that helps if you want to hear the words in a natural sentence, let me know.

SPOILER ALERT: Reply 1994 Na Jeong’s husband

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Master’s Sun Summary: Episode 14

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Play by Play
- I like how he keeps chasing memories even if he doesn’t seem to want to. Showing the heart/mind are united and the same thing… as well as his intellectualism can’t close his already open heart/mind.
- I also like the pause before doing anything with the beer.
- I love the Uncle character in this episode giving “Harmless” information. I went from finding him comic relief and annoying to loving him in this episode. Hong Sisters strike again. (They are really good at fleshing out supporting characters)
- The flashbacks with the reimagination (the vase scene)
- Tae Gong Sil in some ways starts back at the beginning, but then it shows that she really isn’t at the start.
- I like the use of Candy in the episode.
- Also how coffee person might not be on her side after all.
- I like how the Ghost Matchmaker isn’t that evil and isn’t against GS and JW reuniting, but match makes them anyway. She shows GS and JW that they can’t return from square one even if they want to. And forces GS to force herself.
- The white returns for the ghost hunting. Gong Sil returns to the beginning, but stronger because she remembers JW’s love through the necklace.
- Little Sun is priceless in helping GS too, often by accident. I get the feeling she doesn’t really hate GS at all. I love her. I want ship her and KW.
- The double meanings were well done in this episode too, making it funny.
- Satoori!!! <3<3 on KW talking to Little Sun. (TIR) - KW became more like a second lead male, though he still is acting a lt like a Second Lead female. - Here He wears sky blue switching from black. Showing that he’s waiting for his sun to rise in his sky. (gray slacks) - The colors of blue and Green switch in the scene where he interrupts the “call” meeting. Before he wore Green (episode with the soldier) and she wore blue, but now he’s wearing blue and she’s wearing green. - Hanna gets plastic surgery! - The Aunt isn’t as evil as she seems and understands JW better than she seems, since she sees him chasing after her. - The people I can see are scarier comes up again. (Foreshadowing??? Red Herring?) - And then the necklace shows up again. Hanna killed her sister? - KW takes mercy and helps GS, despite still liking her. - JW here wears tan clothes. - The guy who comes in, wears tan and green clothes, which match the two colors worn by JW and GS. And through him he serves to reunite them. - JW comes to meet the guy and GS and KJW symbolically come together. - The Uncle again. <3 - Hands play a role in the knocking also the Master hands (hands behind his back like a sageuk–there is a focus on it, and that’s when he comes back to her too.) - She was in a coma for 3 years and so became able to see ghosts. (Separated from her body) - The coffee Ghost could be evil. (The other Master~~ In joke??) - KW in the dark, following her. TT - JW’s aunt tries to pry JW to remember even more. - JW wears pink pants with a white shirt. Pink usually means ready to hold onto love in Drama lore. (Is the white a cloud?) - JW’s fixation on the necklace is well done. - I like the rick with the phone and the subversion of expectations with Secretary Kim’s phone. - JW is in White, pink and tan now. Tan+green is what the garage guy was wearing. She’s wearing Green. Pink is love/like… Korean dramas use pink a lot for this purpose. - I like how JW knows himself very well. - Habits are stronger than memories in this. - And the subversion as she’s walking away, but it hurts that much more watching them. - GS is choosing not to revisit the love. - Satoori on handwriting is the same~~. - You expect him to touch the necklace in order to regain his memories, but it’s really toucing GS, where he initiates all of the touch that brings back his memory, not touching the necklace. (people over objects). - JJW sees the necklace on GS - His uncle gives yet another tip. - JW out of habit gets involved with GS’s business again. - The Ghost Matchmaker echoes his hand movements from the holding of the necklace. - This is when they employ a reflection. The reflection was used before to reflect souls, etc. It’s almost a “He sees himself now” - They continue the reflection. - JW echoes the hand movement from the Ghost Matchmaker. - I like the double meaning on the fact that the necklace is fake on Hanna and she’s also fake. - Only thing is recovering his memory would be more painful. - GS’s clothes, shift from plaid (like the first episode), to white ghost hunter to the same green as the person who stabbed JW. GS persists in wearing these clothes until the end where she finally rises in his sky again and he wears black like the night, as he was in the first episode and she wears sun colors again. - The last scene feels a lot like ISWAK’s confession. Again, the colors fail to match in this episode as they fail to connect, unlike the first episodes where they were almost couple clothes. Theme: Even when you think things are dead, they still live, because if you’re alive, you still have to live. You can’t go back to the world of the dead. (Separation of domains) Secondary theme about letting go when people have moved on, but played like a red herring. I thought this episode was better than the previous. There was a lot of shifting about which sides the characters are really on. You aren’t sure who has what loyalties. And my view of several characters shifted a lot. There was a lot more efficient showing of how the previous episodes impacted the characters, made them change and how they no longer can act like they are dead, but are alive now and have to embrace it. I hope with this episode, we are back on track.

Review: Innocent Lilies

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The Plot: It’s about a teenage girl who witnesses her sister threatening to kill herself. She ends up in a school that teaches witchcraft. These witches defend other girls against bullies.

The theme is pretty much in your face. The deeper the wounds, the more ability the witches have.

The problem with it is these things: The witch imagery is tied up with Christianity–which I personally have no problem with, but I know some who might.

The second thing is the male-oriented watching of this–despite having female protagonists, it feels like it’s meant for male watching. It has male gaze all over the place that feels more perverted than the usual occasional panty shots. (for example the uniform for the girls to sleep in is a teddy lingerie and then this chiffon gown thing over the top. No girls’ school would allow that.) It feels like a low-budget idol project meant for males to drool over them.

Plot: It feels like Utena and Battle Royale combined, but with ten ten-minute episodes, it doesn’t get that far to give enough depth to explore the theme, and the plot is thin.

If you want an academy of girls fighting who have scars from suicide with a yuri flair, then Utena will do better for you than this will. (Also go deeper and much darker). (I personally have a love-hate relationship with Utena).

If you want to watch teenagers killing each other as a symbolic victory towards adulthood (which is popular), the best one is Battle Royale.

If you just want to watch some idols kicking each other’s guts out… Majisuka Gakuen.

If you just want the ecchi… then there are plenty of things that will help you and you are on your own.

In another words, there are dramas/movies that do all of the themes in this better, get more in depth, and don’t leave you feeling like an old perverted man.

This drama, though I watched it all the way through I would put on as a strong skip.

Master’s Sun Summary: Episode 13

Kim Yoonmi Post in Korea, Reviews

This episode actually benefits from watching episodes 1-4 again and tracking the clothing. It’ll pay off.

Play by Play:
- TGS feels guilty that she put JJW in this situation.
- TGS goes to see the woman and trades her amulet and basically all of his memories of her for his life, trading hers in exchange.
- red seems to be a shorthand for China…
- JJW is in an empty space reading a book. Hee Joo shows up in a white dress. looking human.
- Amnesia. *pouts* (more on this later)
- TY plays Noble Idiot, though not so idiotic and becomes a ghost in his life.
- The twin visits him in the hospital and then calls his aunt. He doesn’t seem to register her.
- Joong Won wakes up, but doesn’t remember anything after saying that he wshould get hit by lightening, which kinda indicates TGS was a lightening bolt herself.
- The show seems to be arguing for a psychological shock.
- TGS remembers that she said she’d be the first to leave.
- TGS is not supposed to be mentioned by anyone.
- JJW needles his uncle and his uncle refuses.
- JJW discovers the books.
- JJW, BTW, is now wearing gray. (He can come back yet, he was wearing this in episode 2, before deciding to chase TGS)
- JJW learns he can read!! This makes words ghosts. TGS’s name is a ghost.
- TGS’s clothes match his color and a bit of his style too.
- The trashcan ghost is rooting for them and flips the trash can. He looks at her, but she doesn’t turn around. He’s called away at the last minute.
- I think here the Aunt is realizing that maybe TGS isn’t so bad.
- Gong Sil talks to stuffed toy Tae Gong Sil as i she is talking to herself.
- The amount of changes GS made to JJW and his heart become apparent. (Mind and heart are the same word in Korean.)
- The secretary subtly pushes him to remember Tae Yang.
- The bit where he has an inkling of needing to go in a different direction is done well.
- The secretary is complicit in the crime. He is the Uncle of one of the twins. The twins were adopted?
- I like Little Sun a whole lot here. She’s so air-headed that she’s no threat and cute.
- The scene where LIttle Sun imagines TGS and KW together is funny. Especially playing “I am your lady and you are my man” in the background.
- JJW asks about the books.
- Han Na says they are her books.
- TYR sets up JJW and TGS, which is opposite of what happens in the usual drama trope.
- JJW wears sun clothes, which mirrors Episode 2 and 4. He becomes her sun in her darkness.
- JJW is wearing white beads that remind me of Buddhist prayer beads his secretary comes in.
- TGS is wearing paid which matches the chairs. SHe’s looking more and more like a ghost. (This is intentional since the seat across from her doesn’t have plaid. This is also a reprisal of her outfit from episode 3)
- TGS see CJH and then her twin sister.
- TGS’s and JJW’s colors don’t match, but hark back to previous episodes, especially towards the beginning.
- The cards that JJW gaves to the kids earlier come back to him.
- He hears Tae Gong Sil’s name
- TGS finds HJ and asks for her body to borrow.
- They discuss about the twins and the background on TGS
- TGS almost makes a deal with HJ, before JJW pulls him making HJ disappear.

They are trying to establish how much he needs her by making her a living ghost. The words “Tae Gong Sil” are traded at this point for his ability to read.

The theme of the living are scarier than the dead because the living want revenge shows up yet again. And this is shown to be true through Hana who seems to want revenge for her Dead sister.

I feel halfway about the Amnesia… on one hand it was partially handled well with the little irking memory… (I’ve gone through similar) and it was anchored much better than BIG was into the story structure, but it really felt shoe-horned in emotionally. It has the intellectual flair of saying Gong Sil is now a ghost and so is her name. The words that were ghosts to JJW before are now not ghosts, but he lost something more important. But the emotional level there is a disconnect I felt, probably because the trope is used too much and there weren’t previous episodes to anchor the amnesia emotionally itself.

I like the twist with the uncle and the story is picking up speed as it’s going, but I don’t want it to sacrifice the emotional impact on the way…

A few things this episode established also, JJW actually died on the table. He almost slipped away, but it’s clear that is not enough to trigger seeing ghosts in the world of Master’s Sun. There is more at play that happened during the accident, which they keep dangling like a carrot.

I also think this episode was light weight for Chuseok…

and finally, it’s clear that the person in danger if JJW finds out is the secretary… HJ is most likely protecting the secretary. Because Hee Joo said she’s protecting someone close to JJW. JJW’s aunt doesn’t seem to know Hana at all. It’s not his father. And it’s not his Aunt’s husband… Ahn… so that leaves the closest person, the Secretary.

It raised the stakes, as an episode, but I felt a lack of some of the emotional connection, but asking for another episode must have put a wrench in the works. Hong Sisters don’t usually do extensions… this means the pacing planned might get messed around with as they try to find material for a new episode.

Master’s Sun Summary: Episode 3

Kim Yoonmi Post in Korea, Reviews

Play by Play:
- I like how Tae Gong Sil misunderstands.
- She calls him her ray of light. (a play on the name)
- bomb shelter reference
- The color of the fountain changes to purple.
- The ghost shows up, again looking ghostly.
- Again, they use a cast of green for otherworldly.
- The woman starts running.
- There is a blue cast used before she’s pulled on the stairs.
- TGS and JJW match colors again.
- TGS takes off her clothes and discovers the shoe. SHe matches JJW again. (White handbag, black pants, blue shirt)
- JJW struggles to read.
- TGS gets chased by the shoe ghost
- Reflections are used again.
- JJW takes mercy on her, backs up and gets out.
- TGS uses him as a bomb shelter.
- The security guard sees her and JJW.
- TGS explains the situation of the ghost chasing her.
- KW and Little Sun meet for the first time.
- The husband comes into the hospital and finds his wife, fake cries and smiles creepily, reminding me of the theme from the last episode.
- The guy in arrest shows up in this episode (which connects to episode 12-13 later) I’m wondering if the shoe is a tie in… (like the sodas last episode)
- They find the guy and his wife’s shoe.
- GS explains to JJW what it’s like and acts it out with a tissue box on her foot.
- A key line is said here JJW analyzes whether people are useful or will be useful in the future and only opens his eyes and ears to someone who meets his standards. (High standards and high walls.)
- Another comparison to Candy
- Gloomy candy is brought out here.
- The husband is happy she’s dead.
- JJW says that he doesn’t want to be engaged, but GS tries anyway. She insists on fixing it like a Candy.
- TGS asks JJW to come with her.
- JJW puts up a wall again by saying that he only responds to money. He tries very hard to withdraw from her.
- The box says “Soft and moist” as she walks the streets of Seoul and people stare at her. She talks to the ghost as she goes.
- He finds another tissue box and checks it out, but it breaks.
- She finds it out.
- KW discovers her in that state.
- KW calls a taxi for TGS (She only has 2,000 won)
- JJW argues with the navigation.
- A tissue floats and sticks to the car and then the directions change.
- The mother of the shoe girl is grieving.
- The husband of the shoe girl throws ou the shoe.
- There is a green cast in the background.
- TGS says that JJW is that special person.
- KW investigates further into TGS, but gets confused by the conversation.
- TGS’s sister asks about KW, and TGS laughs.
- Her sister says that she needs some “yang” energy, or have sex with a guy.
- TGS’s room has Christian and various religions in it.
- JJW here wears gray jacket, dark blue pants and a white shirt. (mildly matching TGS again)
- GS learns about the fortune after appearing like a ghost.
- There is an indication here that her sister and her have moved a lot.
- Little sun is quite the airhead here… commenting on the posters, etc.
- Little sun knows about Tae Gong Sil.
- TGS asks about the show to the woman that was scared at the top of the episode.
- The mother is grieving over her daughter.
- TGS stares and asks the ghost where the shoe was and looks at it.
- The color match is really pronounced in this scene with them squatting together. (They also match the background, making them melt in.)
- JJW curses that he keeps getting involved and doesn’t understand why.
- They match TGS’s movements with the ghosts and put her into a flashback. The wife finds out that she’s planning on being killed. The husband chases her. She tries to escape him. She runs into a truck.
- A bloody tear runs down her face.
- The person he’s having an affair with is wearing her shoes and plotting with him to own the shop. The wife looks on and blood runs down her other eye like a tear.
- The Secretary tries to get JJW involved.
- It’s clear the husband is trying to get rid of his mother-in-law.
- TGS confronts about the shoe.
- The husband fronts grief.
- The blood tears continue on the ghost.
- The name of the store is Dahlia. Dahlia’s flower meaning means a sign of warning, to change, to travel, and also a portent of betrayal (which fits this episode) The name of the store is obviously intentional…
- TGS is trying to solve the problems of the Kingdom–this being her second major problem, making her the Knight of the Kingdom.
- JJW comes to rescue her and brings the shoe. The shoe doesn’t fit, so the husband must acquit TGS.
- JJW gets a self-satisfied look on his face.
- TGS says something to torture him.
- The ghost looks more human now that her problem is resolved. She comforts her mother.
- Little Sun runs into KW, runs to him and he does an arm twist.
- JJW makes it clear that he wanted revenge. Making it clear that revenge is something in the realm of the living.
- TGS says “take a right turn” which shows that the ghost led him there.
- TGS is dressed in white again, upon which in the next scene she drinks.
- There is another flashback of Cha Hee Joo. Joo Joong Two, Joo Joong Three shows here.
- He calls her a bitch.
- She is drunk, comes forward and then Hee Joo possesses her. (She gets possessed or ghoes ghost hunting a lot in white)
- KW reports about TGS.
- TGS comes to JJW’s house. He comes out, putting up tons of walls and tells her to get lost.
- But it’s Hee Joo because she calls him three times.

The theme seems to be the hold that love has on you and the ghosts that can come up from that and the need for revenge. Also restated were the themes that living people are more complex and more revenge-filled than dead people and thus as scarier.

This tied well with the hold that Hee Joo has over JJW.

There is some nice ground work on the kidnapping in this episode and what kind of relationship and trust JJW had before the kidnapping incident. Why he’s so cold and so filled with walls. TGS keeps knocking down those walls so he triple forces those walls.

Next is my favorite episode of the series (so far) in terms of direction, acting and cinematography. There is a rare unity to it that I love. It has all kind of subtle, so if you didn’t think the Hong Sisters could do subtle before, well, Episode 4 will prove you wrong.

Master’s Sun Summary: Episode 2

Kim Yoonmi Post in Reviews

Play by Play, again is for you to watch and gives notes on roughly where you are, but assumes you watched the episode. It’s more like a MST…

Play by Play:
- We open with innuendos of the sexual kind. She wants to sleep with him and he thinks she’s a loose woman.
- I like how JW doesn’t surrender easily.
- He’s still wearing gray clothes.
- Candy reference–which is to a Manga, which was turned into an anime and aired in Korea.
- I like how she says she’ll wash her hair. (There are references to why later)
- Use of reflections with JW looking into a blue window.
- Also JW doubting himself.
- Reference to fountain ghosts.
- We transition to the students
- Use of blue cast is introduced again with the teacher.
- Eun Seol is dead and they see her image through a photo.
- JW changes into a green jacket and red pants. Is it me, or is he GS’s outside world? And he’s starting to “lighten up” (OK, bad pun)
- There is subtle sun imagry on TGS in this.
- TGS changes into gray clothes, which was the clothing combination of JW last time.
- The Aunt’s husband constantly has foot in mouth syndrome. Jinjja noonchi eopseo.
- When he says “You’re doing it by the book” I’m cracking up since it’s an obvious jab at Korean dramas.
- I like how he half believes her and then tries to not believe her again. Shields up, shields defeats, shields regenerated. So many defenses, this guy. (He gets caught)
- There is a reference to a popular TV show here.
- Considering the spoilers in episode 13, I feel very different watching this a second time. (That’s a trick)
- Key plot point: the case with Cha Hee Joo is going to expire soon.
- States that JJW has PTSD.
- The kids don’t believe her, and want free food.
- The scene is now set at night, another blue cast, sometimes green cast.
- The toilet scene done in this episode is better.
- The transvestite ghost is funny too.
- The trashcan ghost.
- KW helps her out and discovers GS.
- The students come in.
- TGS discovers Eun Seol.
- Green cast on the fountain again.
- JW comes to the place where he was kidnapped.
- There is a flashback of him in a school uniform tied up.
- A blurry figure comes towards him and his eyes open wider.
- Our second lead brews more things, but it’s hard to read her at this point.
- TGS and JJW are wearing the same colors in the scene. (Blue and white) TGS also is wearing red and yellow, which are sun colors. They literally look like a couple. And are both “lightening” up and in the scene are on the same page.
- This is where we find out that they were horrible to her.
- Green, orange and yellow are the colors of the soda. Notice the color matches from earlier.
- Here, Eun Seol finds out about her friends, goes out and gets hit and dies.
- The soda sprays out.
- You see how ugly they really are.
- JJW states the theme again: “It’s a living person’s place to live It’s not a place for a dead person to interfere.” (while an ugly scene breaks out. This also goes to the theme of TGS feeling like she’s dead.
- Eun Seol looks human to them again. So when they understand her intentions, she looks more human.
- Eun Seol disappears in a puff of smoke while JW comments and watches, putting his shields up again.
- The end is also set outside where the majority of the episode was inside or dark.
- The secretary pushes TGS to stay….
- It’s clear the JJW’s motivation is made out to be money in this episode.
- JJW says that he didn’t think Hee Joo’s death is his fault.
- JJW remembers the face again and then he see Hee Joo.
- He calls the situation unfair.
- It becomes clear that KW is reporting to someone.
- Anniversary of the Death indicates usually a Buddhist view of death, not Christian.
- They find out that TGS is the person that disrupted the wedding.
- The Aunt says she’ll remember Tae Gong Sil (yet fails to do so later).
- KW invites to take her home and saying they live together.
- JJW is slightly disturbed by this.
- TGS takes it as an invitation.
- JJW seems really upset, trying to ignore her, but looking at her anyway. He swoops for her and puts up yet more shields.
- TGS hits the nail on the head and says that he has to live and forget the past, but this only upsets him, I think it’s a disarm of the defense he just put up.
- Napeun Yeon is Bad girl… Episode ends.

Notes: The majority of the episode is set inside until the very end.

Theme of the Episode: Living people are scarier than Dead People.

The clothes are starting to coordinate on the characters and literally have color. TGS also starts to wear sun colors. The color of the soda cans reflect the colors that were previously worn by JJW. And the amount of green overcast and blue overcast is still high, but much less than the previous.

This episode isn’t that difficult to understand and it cements for us several running themes from the previous episode. Living v. dead. And What it means to be dead v. living. As well as use of reflections, water, and basic lore about what ghosts can and can’t do. It hasn’t established why TGS is so afraid of ghosts… but that can wait.

It also have some nice ground work to the side characters, which usually are a feature in Hong Sisters’ dramas as being really well fleshed out. The relationships are given, but not their relation. And some of the usual stock characters are also not present.

Master’s Sun Episode 1 Summary

Kim Yoonmi Post in Korea, Reviews

The following summary assumes you’ve been watching the episode. The play by play makes running commentary that goes with the episode in order. The summary pulls together all the points.

Play by Play:

We start with Gong Sil who looks like a ghost.

Her face is masked in the opening. It’s atmospheric due to the lightening. It might be an odd reference to the Ring.

Significant use of the blue cast in the first episode.

Green is used an an unearthly color. (In the hallways and as an overcast.) It feels unnatural and even sickly here.

There are sparks flying.

Different colored lights flash through the back door.

When Tae Yang runs away there are several shots of her running up the stairs which makes it feel both like a mental hospital and a prison

The focus on the door handle also shows warding objects which are littered around Tae Yang’s bedroom.

First shot of Gong Sil’s ring as a sun, makes it into the shot, the ghost turns into something that looks more human. (So the sun shines light on the real truth)

Gong Sil shows up in front of the Hanok wearing a white pancho and flip flops, in the rain. Everyone else is wearing black, while she is wearing white.

And then the son turns out to be uglier than the ghost. And the entire family.

After that, the air lifts and there are warm colors in the shot, including yellows and a slight warming cast as the family fights a more ugly battle.

When we switch to JW, again, a blue cast.

Green, white and blue are used differently here. The green is on the Wife’s shirt. White is also the flower.

I find it interesting JW is wearing a yellow shirt and a blue handkerchief… also covered by black when visiting the old man. So, again, we get the image of the sun covered by rain clouds. It’s also limited in the shot so the full shirt isn’t shown.

Here the syllables of the contract move, but they don’t scramble as would happen with dyslexia. He squints at them, which someone with dyslexia wouldn’t do.

When Tae Yang is in the street wearing her white parka, there is an interesting choice of red cast… just before she meets Joo Won. Is our sun coming out?

The man threatened a lightening strike curse on JW and JW only averted it because of Tae Yang.

When JW put down the armrest divider somehow it reminded me of what I would do with my sibling… it’s instantly childish.

Gong Sil, when they stop at the rest stop place, is still wearing white (even white jeans). (Where she meets another ghost)

Again, white with the person digging for the article in the dirt. (Ghost hunting clothes)

JW changes also into white clothes with a blue top and handkerchief when looking at the picture of the dead bride.

GS changes into white and faintly blue clothes. If you noticed earlier I said he was wearing yellow, with a blue kerchief and a black jacket. So she’s taken some of his color. (or if you want to be symbolic, the clouds are parting) Also their colors match between the scenes.

Also, the guy with the ax here shows up later. (I missed this the first time around).

During her flashbacks she’s wearing colored clothes.

When she’s discovered and called a cat, she’s wearing red–sun clothes. She repeats the sun-colored clothes. in subsequent scenes.

The ghost also comes from the mirror. Reflection in the sense of the ghosts being a reflection of the living comes into play here literally.

The living are more scary than the dead.

As for the theme of the episode it’s spelled out by our two mains:

“As the dead lingers around, the living person suffers in the end.” pits against the theme of “The dead have no power, but their hearts remain.”

The first is the perspective of those living and the second is the perspective of those who are dead and gone. Which is a nice parallelism, I think.

I thought this episode was easy to get on several accounts. There is a character uneasy and not getting sleep at night. The humans are more vicious than the ghosts. The “Sun” character is getting blocked by literal rain and rain clouds. She wears white, when dealing with the ghosts and she is gloomy like a cloud floating most of the time.

The same colors of green, white and blue are reused in the episode in a different and brighter context. Which gives me the feeling that it really has to do with your perspective on the matter… in one context they are creepy, but then with JW, they represent happiness and light of the world.

JW becomes the sun in GS’s sky and the episode actually gets brighter as it goes.

This fits with the theme of the episode and plays around with their names.

The theme was also spelled out for us….

I also think that the deliberate use of the mirror and the them show the connection between death and life. Mirrors are traditionally used to reflect souls.

White is the color of the traditional Korean burial. And literally, the sun is slowly coming out for both our characters as their colors match and their hearts come closer together.

What’s up….

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Still taking personal time…

I’m working on Master’s Sun Episode 1 summary, but am overwhelmed with other things. Business to start, etc.

Mostly, I’m skipping out ’cause really, I rather be writing those words into stories and I don’t like being alone on it… I’d rather watch Sailor Moon the ten thousandth time and geek it with friends, than geek alone. (I lost count at 20 as the amount of times I watched it)

Also personal crap.

Upside, the section I stagnated on is almost done.

Where are you?

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Unfortunately, writing novels. Yeah.

The Hong Sisters really do rock my world and all of that, but sometimes you gotta take care of your own life crap first. And lay down your own subtle.